When a significant snow accumulation occurs in Northern Virginia, we all become keenly aware of the condition of roads, parking lots, sidewalks and driveways, and whether we have adequate food, electricity, and so on. But few homeowners and businesses consider another crucial factor when the snow is falling: their roof and how it will be affected by the heavy weight of snow.

Different structures distribute the weight of snow differently, therefore they are rated for different weight loads. One of our regular clients, The Tire Shop in Leesburg, understands and recognizes the importance of this matter. They did their homework to understand the maximum weight rating for their building, then called Roofing & More for professional snow removal once the accumulation on the roof reached that level.

Removing snow from roofs is a very dangerous and demanding job. The foremost concern is always safety – safety of each person on the road and on-site. Roofing experts with experience in snow removal will know how to get the job done without personal injury or damage to roofing materials. Secondly, you need to plan exactly where the snow will be thrown off. You must be aware of gas meters, heat pumps, bushes and other structures that could be seriously damaged by a heavy snow load. And you don’t want to pay one person to remove snow from a sidewalk or parking lot just so another can throw more snow from the roof onto that area!

Detailed and proper planning is key to safety – and saving you money – in situations like these. At Roofing & More, we know how to handle anything Mother Nature can throw at a residential or commercial roof. Each member of our team is trained and equipped to safely deliver solutions to our customers. As soon as we knew this storm was coming, we executed our plan and we are ready – ready to serve our Northern Virginia neighbors in need! Give us a call at (877) 398-4555 if you think you may need snow removed from your roof, or if you experience any leaks or ice damming in the coming days. We are honored to be celebrating 21 years of roofing Northern Virginia and surrounding areas.