Do you think icicles hanging from the edge of your roof are pretty? Read on to find out why icicles can be a sign of serious problems.

Often when homeowners call for an estimate on a new roof system, the estimator is focused on quoting the cheapest price and does not even mention a metal drip edge and its importance. In many states (Virginia being one of them), drip edge is not code and is not required by the county, state or even the manufacturer.

At Roofing & More, we recommend drip edge and many other items on our Arlington roofing systems that others do not.

This photo demonstrates why proper drip edge is important, but there are more issues going on here than meet the eye. Lack of proper drip edge can lead to the following problems.

  • Ice buildup. Lack of drip edge allows the formation of icicles, ice damming, ice backup, and extreme weight in the gutter which pulls on the fascia board and weakens it.
  • Water damage. You also have water soaking into the soffit and many times running down interior walls. Often this water damage does not show up on the drywall. Once it is found, possibly years later, it creates extensive and very expensive repairs. Water damage also causes mold and mildew issues which can not only lead to odor but, more importantly, health issues for family and visitors.

A simple drip edge properly installed would prevent these issues the majority of the time. This product is very inexpensive at the time of a roof system install, and also very affordable to install on a home where a new roof system is not needed. However, it is critical that you note my words “proper drip edge.” This product comes in many different sizes and shapes. Not all drip edges are created equal and not all are intended to resolve these types of issues.

Look out your window. If you see something similar to this photo, pick up the phone and call (877)398-4555 or click here for a FREE, no-obligation consultation with one of our highly trained Project Consultants today. It is critical that you know what questions to ask and that you are dealing with a person that has your best interest at heart.

At Roofing & More, our Project Consultants are highly trained individuals that never focus only on the lowest price for roofing in Arlington. They focus on what you need and what is in the best interests of you and your family. They focus on what will solve your problem for the long haul. Is price important? Absolutely. That is why we always ask a lot of questions and why we always offer “good”, “better” and “best” system solutions with a clear explanation of each, and the features and benefits to you. We look forward to serving you.