When moving into the house that you’ve just bought, look into the quality and condition of the windows – you might have to call for reliable

window repair in Arlington, VA

, or have the windows replaced entirely. To opt for repair when the old or damaged windows should have been replaced would mean the difference between an overworking HVAC system and a buildup of measurable savings on your monthly power bills.


Conventional windows are channels for convection, as they allow the heat that your furnace produces to escape into the outdoors (thus increasing your power bill). Energy-efficient windows are designed to prevent this, often by using double-glazed glass that contains certain insulating gases. If you still have the former type, it’s definitely time for a replacement.


Yet another reason to go for window replacement is style – the past occupants might have placed windows inefficiently or erratically in some parts of the house, or you simply might not like the design. In this case, call up your local window installer so that you could customize your home with your own choice of garden, picture, casement, or any other window type.

On Cost

Don’t just buy windows purely for the sake of their energy saving feature. Replacement is almost always a costly venture. If you already have a set of energy-efficient windows, but some might have been damaged or cracked over time, call up a reliable contractor like Roofing & More, Inc. to find out if it could still be saved by adequate repairs.

When Replacement is the Only Option

According to Angie’s List though, you might not always have a choice in the matter:

"For example, if the surrounding seals have weakened, water can seep in that rots the wood and introduces fungal infestation. Some might be so worn or poorly installed they rattle in their frames. Others might be difficult or even impossible to open or close properly. Because windows may provide the only escape route during a fire, this is a serious problem needing your urgent attention."


Arlington window replacement

professionals could offer you a wide variety of window styles as well as energy-efficient solutions. Remember, though, that in the end, choosing to repair or replace will determine whether you get to earn some savings on your monthly utility bills, or spend a great deal on them, unnecessarily.

(Article Information and Image from When do you need replacement windows? Angie’s List)