roofing of Fairfax, VA

homes serve and toil 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – and their job isn’t easy, too! They protect your entire house from heat, wind, rain, snow, and anything else Mother Nature throws its way. Nevertheless, many trusty roof systems remain neglected by their owners, leaving them unable to live to their full potential. Doing the following tips regularly should allow you to give your roof a little break the way a relaxing day in a spa could rejuvenate you after a busy workweek.

Gutter Cleaning

Not cleaning your gutters on a regular basis could clog them up, and thus prevent proper drainage. The standing water could then significantly reduce your roofing shingles’ sturdiness, open them up to mold growth, or even penetrate some cracks or chips within the system and lead to interior water damage. You can either clean the gutters yourself, or invest in a dependable gutter guard system.

Moss/Algae Removal

Organisms like moss, mold, and algae could subject your roofing system to everything from dark, unsightly spots to severe rot – regardless, you should have them removed before things get worse. Kill off moss by using effective yet eco-friendly cleaning solutions, then consider installing zinc strips to keep them from growing back.

Ice Dams

In the winter, you should keep ice dams from developing, as an article from advises:

"Don’t try to pry off ice that’s already formed, since that could damage the roof. Use a roof rake to dislodge snow within three or four feet of the gutters. Get a telescoping pole and work from the ground, if possible. If you must be on a ladder, work at an angle so the falling snow doesn’t push you over. "

Tree Trimming

Make sure that you trim overhanging tree branches away from your roof as often as you can – for one, they will only add to the debris that might collect in and clog up your gutters. They also give easy access to squirrels, raccoons, and all sorts of critters that might end up becoming freeloaders in your attic.

Of course, your roof rejuvenating treatments wouldn’t be complete without the services of efficient Fairfax roofing contractors like Roofing & More, Inc. Companies like these have excellent roof maintenance and repair services aimed to help you keep the life of your roof as long as possible before you have to replace it again.

(Article Information and Image from Tips to Make Your Roof Last as Long as Possible, HouseLogic)