One area of concern some homeowners deal with this time of the year are various critters invading the home. These pests often enter through roofing in Northern Virginia, in search of a warm, comfortable place to bed down during the winter months. You might find squirrels moving into eaves, mice scampering through walls and raccoons making themselves right at home in your attic. And the property damage these creatures cause is no laughing matter: we’ve seen chewed trim and electric wires, shredded insulation, plugged air conditioning and heating ducts, even damaged aluminum siding.

Once any of these animals moves in, it’s twice as hard to get them out, especially if they have babies in the attic. The best solution? "Critterproofing" your house will keep uninvited guests from finding a way inside. Roofing & More’s home improvement experts can examine your home and make recommendations to block entry points in the roof, garage, basement and other locations. This can be tricky work, because mice can slip through an opening less than ½-inch across. Hard-to-see entry points are often under roof eaves, at corners where one piece of wood meets another, chimney shafts, vents, and behind rain gutters.

If you suspect you already have a problem, Roofing & More can recommend a reputable pest-control expert to help you get rid of the invaders, then make necessary repairs to block entry points and prevent the problem from happening again. You’ll enjoy the benefits of no strange noises in the middle of the night, no messes left behind and no property damage. Call us today at (877) 398-4555 or click to schedule an in-home consultation and estimate!