Thanks to advances in window technology, households can stay warmer without needing to pay hefty electric bills. While traditional single-pane windows made of thin glass can barely repel heat, newer windows are now equipped with two or three panes that help regulate heat loss. Murrye Bernard's article for discusses some of the characteristics that distinguish today's energy-efficient replacement windows.

Obviously you can't stuff fluffy pink batt insulation between those panes of glass as you would in a wall; but thanks to the existence of certain gases that are more dense [sic] than air, but still invisible, it is possible to insulate between panes. Several window manufacturers use Argon, Krypton and Xenon for this purpose.

As the days get colder, most people will no doubt prefer to bask in the warmth and comfort of their homes. Yet if your home still feels drafty and excessively cold even when you’ve got your heater all turned up, you might want to take a closer look at the condition of your windows. A reputable window replacement specialist can install quality windows in Alexandria, VA to contribute to the structural insulation of your home. These windows known to have glass panes with high R-value and low-emissivity coatings.

Low-emissivity glass is coated with metal, but don't worry, it won't block your view. Instead, this super-thin coating is placed on one side of the glass in the airspace between panes. Its location depends on your climate; it can either reflect radiation from the sun into your space to warm it, if you live in a cold climate, or reflect it back outside if you live in a hot climate.

Keep in mind that window energy efficiency does not depend on the characteristics of the glass panes alone. If the frames are not caulked and crevices not sealed properly, the overall design will be futile. The frame itself must also be made of an energy-saving material, while the whole unit should be installed by a trusted contractor such as Roofing & More, Inc. to make sure all sections are sealed and airtight.

Meanwhile, energy-efficient replacement windows from Alexandria, VA should not only enable optimum thermal comfort but must also be easy to operate and demonstrate exceptional wind and water resistance during stormy weather. Such products allow for more flexible operations and ensure your household’s comfort throughout the year.

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