Fairfax, Virginia has seen below-average snowfall in the past few years, but this year could be different. Beth Lawton of Patch.com writes that based on Farmer's Almanac 2014 predictions, locals may have to brace themselves for the worst.

Snow has already started falling in the coldest parts of the United States, but whether Fairfax will see any of the white stuff this winter is still up for debate.

Typically, the D.C. Metro area gets 15.4 inches of snow, but the last three winters have been well below average for total snowfall.

The Farmers’ Almanac 2014 winter forecast shows we’re heading for “bitterly cold” weather, with two-thirds of the country--including this area--experiencing below-normal temperatures.

In addition, the mid-Atlantic region “will be seeing either copious rains and/or snows” as temperatures hover around the freezing mark. The normal D.C. Metro average winter temperature is in the upper 30s.

Old Man Winter's usual accomplices—snowstorms and hailstorms—can definitely take their toll on residential roofing in Fairfax, VA, making it incredibly important for homeowners to watch out for common wintertime troubles like ice dams and roof leaks. Ice dams are indicated by the icicles that form on the edges of roofs. These icicles make for a lovely scene fit for holiday greeting cards, but in reality, they can weigh down upon gutters and cause water to back up. Homeowners can seek the help of trusted roofers to properly deal with icicles on their roofs.

Leaks are trickier to detect than ice dams because the signs are not immediately visible, yet if leaks are not addressed promptly, they can lead to structural damage. Homeowners accordingly need to inspect their ceilings, exterior walls, and attic floors for mold and water stains. For a more thorough inspection, however, homeowners are recommended to enlist the services of trusted Fairfax roofing contractors. After an inspection, roofers may either recommend repairs or replacement, depending on their findings.

Winter may have been easy on Fairfax, VA these past few years, but that may not be the case anymore. As such, the best defense against brutal winter conditions is to have a structurally sound roof. A comprehensive roof inspection by reliable roofers like the ones from [company_name]. can help ensure a trouble-free home environment this winter.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Will Fairfax See Snow This Winter? Northern Virginia’s Winter Weather Outlook, Fairfaxcity.patch.com, Published 28 September 2013)