Winter in Northern Virginia involves occasional snowfall that averages three or four inches. Heavy snow loads on Northern Virginia roofing systems can lead to roof leaks or, worse, roof collapse. Locals are, therefore, encouraged to remove snow from their roofs using roof rakes, as Kimberly Johnson of Yahoo Voices explains.

Use the Proper Snow Tools - Roof Rakes

Some of the most efficient and time saving snow tools are roof rakes. These devices look like a squeegee on a long pole and allow you to remove snow off a roof from the ground. You can also use it from a ladder without constantly repositioning it. To use roof rakes, start by twisting the telescoping handle counterclockwise to extend it out as far as possible. Then, place the rake on the roof as far as you can reach with your arms fully extended. Lift the roof rake end into the air by 1 foot and let it drop so that it digs into the snow.

The roof rake is designed with a long handle (usually 15 feet) so homeowners don't have to climb up to their roofs and risk their safety during the snow removal process. With the long handle, homeowners can easily do the job from the ground. However, some homeowners don't realize that while roof rakes are effective for getting rid of snow, these devices can damage their roofs if they are not careful. A usual mistake many homeowners make is to break ice dams by whacking them with a roof rake, the force of which can cause damage to their roofs.

Yet another mistake homeowners are likely to commit is to rake snow opposite to the orientation of their asphalt shingles. Such an error can cause a tear or break in the shingles, especially since shingles tend to become brittle and break easily in freezing temperatures. A few broken shingles may not be a cause for alarm, however, as homeowners can turn to Northern Virginia roof repair specialists to replace the damaged shingles. However, if there are far too many broken shingles, homeowners may have to consider roof replacement.

Snow is a great enemy of roofing systems; as such, homeowners must make an effort to remove snow from their roofs using convenient tools like roof rakes. In any case, homeowners need to know how to use these tools properly. If damage does ensue from the misuse of snow removal tools, homeowners can count on trusted roof repair companies like [company_name]. for the necessary repairs.

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