This winter, don't let your home become drafty and cold due to the inefficiency of your old and damaged roofing. Should you decide to have your roof replaced by a reliable

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, you have several options available. Two of the most popular choices among homeowners today are the asphalt roof and the slate roof.

The asphalt and the slate roof each possesses its own advantages and disadvantages. They also differ across a number of factors: from cost, to durability and lifespan, to the various styles and colors available for purchase. Below you can find a comparison of the benefits of both roofing types to help you decide whether the asphalt or the slate is a more suitable choice for your home.


Roofing replacement need not be expensive due to the affordability that some roofing types offer to consumers. Asphalt, for instance, is highly popular among homeowners because it is considered as the least expensive roof available. The slate roof, meanwhile, is quite costly in comparison. According to an article on, “Slate tends to be used on high-end homes as it is more attractive than asphalt. You might expect to pay as much as 20 times the cost of an asphalt roof for a slate roof.” Furthermore, they are also more costly and labor-intensive to install.

Durability and Lifespan.

When considering the cost, however, you should also consider how durable the material is and how long it can last without the need for sporadic repairs and/or replacements. The asphalt, though relatively affordable, has an average lifespan of around 20 to 30 years. On the other hand, the slate can last from 60 to an astounding 175 years, requiring little to no maintenance–a definite steal when you calculate how much you can save on repairs and home insurance.


The aesthetic appeal of the roof that complements the overall style and design of the home is a big factor for homeowners, as well. According to, “slate is regarded as the better looking of the two options.” Asphalt roofs, however, are available in a variety of colors and designs, and can even simulate the look of the more expensive wood and slate roofs, making them appealing to homeowners on a budget.

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Asphalt Roof vs Slate Roof