Slate is one of the most sought after Fairfax roofing materials since it adds a touch of elegance to an ordinary looking structure and can last for many years. If you are planning to have a brand new roof installed, you ought to know why slate roofing consistently tops the list of experts.

A Classic Beauty

Given its versatility, slate comes in a wide array of colors such as gray, black, green, purple, red and a variety of other natural colors. These slate shingles are cut by hand in order to standardize quality. The crisp appearance of slate shingles does not fade with time, so you can look forward to a lasting aesthetic look.

Longer Life Span

In case you may be wondering how long slate roofing can last, an excerpt from an eHow article explains the details:

[S]late is an extremely durable material. Slate used for roofing is obtained from rock quarries…and can have a lifespan of up to 75 years or more. Additionally, slate provides excellent fire protection. Unlike roofs made of wood, slate will stand up to flames without burning. Slate roofs are also storm and wind resistant. Exposure to natural elements will not compromise the look or structure of the tiles, nor will they retain damaging snow or ice.


Since it is highly resistant against the damaging elements, homeowners can practically save a lot of money on repair and replacement. Additionally, slate is not vulnerable to fungus and mold so you get an increased resale value. There is also no need to worry about waterproofing, as the high density of the stone resists water absorption.

Installation concerns

Roof replacement contributes to about 5% of construction waste in the landfill. Opting for slate roofing does a big favor for the environment, as there is no need to replace it. Old-fashioned methods of installation involve overlapping and tucking with nails – which is why most of the slates are not seen. Today’s innovative ways have brought forth the TruSlate system, fastening each slate but leaving no holes behind.

Slate roofing allows you to enjoy a quality and a naturally beautiful roof above your head. Have it installed by professional

Fairfax, VA roofing contractors

like the ones from Roofing & More to make it worthy of your investment.