Attic insulation needs careful planning since most of the drafty feeling at home stems from lack of insulation. With the beginning of the winter season in Virginia, this becomes a major concern. Generally, homeowners overlook the fact that they can largely cut back on energy costs if they pay close attention to their insulation. An article posted on the HowStuffWorks website explains why R-value is an important factor of insulation:

Before you can select an insulation, however, you'll need to understand its resistance to heat flow, or


The higher the R-value, the more effective the insulation will be at keeping your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you live in North America, you can find the recommended R-value for homes in your area on the North American Insulation Manufacturer's Association Web site. Keep in mind that the effect of R-values is cumulative. For example, if your attic has R-19 insulation and another layer of R-19 insulation is added, the insulation will have a value of R-38.

Loose-fill insulation uses a combination of recycled materials like fiberglass or cellulose but it has a tendency to deteriorate over time, and you may need an extra layer during installation to expect optimum results. Blanket insulation, on the other hand, uses mineral wool, fiberglass, and even natural fibers. Choosing which material best works for your attic can be tricky, so it would be helpful if you seek the advice of experienced roofing contractors in Northern Virginia like the ones from Roofing & More.

According to experts, homeowners can pay off the installation costs of installation within 3-6 years. It may not sound inviting, but on the bright side, insulation lessens your energy costs – there will be a lesser need to blast on heating and cooling equipment.

If you plan to install a new insulation on top of the old, experts say that you have to inspect the old attic insulation, making sure that there is no asbestos, which can cause negative health effects. It may be hard to detect it on your own, but insulation trusted contractor could help you out.

The cost of installing insulation strongly depends on the current state of your attic. Getting a free estimate from your local Northern Virginia roofing professional proves to be a wise move. As you evaluate pros and cons of each insulation type, you will be able to cross-check the cost of the materials available with your budget.

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