The true measure of a business isn’t what happens when everything goes right, it’s how things are handled when everything goes wrong. Recently we dropped the ball on an appointment we scheduled with Ms. Pam Miller, a prospective customer. This is what she said the day after we didn’t show up.

“I would like to share my experience with [company_name]. I contacted the company on October 24, 2013 and was sent a confirmation email the same day stating that Richard would come out to my home on October 30, 2013 between 12:00 and 12:30 to check my roof to determine if it needed repairing before the winter comes and to ensure that my family will be safe for the winter. I took time off from work to meet Richard. As I was waiting for Richard, he called me at 12:15 p.m. that he was running a little late and needed to stop at the office to pick up some material and he would be at my house at 2:00. He then called me back within 5 minutes asking me if I was the owner of the home and did I make the decisions. I was a little put off because I first thought because I was a woman this person seemed to think that I needed someone else's permission to make repairs on my property which I saved for and am paying for. I've been in my home for over 13 years without any problems and have made all the decisions when it comes to repairs and anything else that need to be completed. “I informed Richard that I make the decisions and I needed his company to come out and determine if my roof needed repairing or replaced. At this point I assumed Richard would arrive at 2:00. Then, at 2:00 Lynda, from [company_name], called to inform me that Richard was running late. I then informed Lynda that Richard had already contacted me and would arrive around 2:00. At 3:00 I called to find out if Richard would still be arriving; I spoke with Linda once again and she asked me to hold on - she kept me on hold for 15 minutes - she came back to the phone and asked if they could re-schedule. I informed them that this was not acceptable as I had taken an entire day off from work. I requested that company send someone else. She then put me on hold again for another 10 minutes and came back and said Ken would arrive between 5:00 and 5:30 as he was in Springfield. I waited the entire day for someone to come to my home; finally, at 7:00 p.m. I realized they would never arrive nor did they have the common courtesy to call me to inform me that they would not be coming. This was the worst customer service I've ever dealt with and I will never contact this company again nor will I recommend the company to my family and friends. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY AND DO NOT CONTACT THEM.” To find a resolution, I quickly responded to Pam’s email. This is what I said to her: Pam, I am the President/Owner of Roofing & More, Inc. The first thing I want to do is apologize from the bottom of my heart to you. Your time was wasted and we have no excuse. We dropped the ball and have to own that. I have talked with the persons involved and the issues are being dealt with internally. As for your time, I would like to reimburse you for it monetarily. No strings attached. We will send you a check. Please contact me so we can determine the amount. I can't change what happened. But I can take responsibility for it and show my sincere regret for what happened. Again I am truly sorry for your experience with my company. I look forward to hearing from you. Kyle Hoffman This is what Pam said after I emailed and spoke with her on the phone, and we sent the check. Kyle, Thank you very much for contacting me about my concern about your company not being able to keep an appointment with me.  Although I was disappointed, I was very pleased to have you contact me to discuss how we could rectify this problem.  Since I was quick to write my disappointment in your firm, I'd like to be as quick to say how pleased I am at how you quickly contacted me to come up with a solution. Therefore, I'd like to share with everyone at how pleased I am that you not only contacted me via email, you called me as well.  I appreciated you contacting me to discuss the situation much more than having you reimburse me for having to take a full day off from my work.  With this email I'd like to inform your current customers as well as potential new customers that I am very pleased with the quickness of your firm in coming up with a solution but how courteous and the understanding that you showed me.   Based on my conversation with you and the pride you take in your company and how you value your customers, I not only plan to arrange for someone from your company to come out and determine how your company can help me but to consider your company for the job.  Again, thank you very much.

For the past 20 years, I have run a company committed to superior customer service, as evidenced by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, the Talk of the Town Award, many GAF Master Elite™ Excellence Awards, and GuildQuality “20 in a Row” recognition for customer satisfaction. However, I can’t guarantee our team won’t make a mistake. What I can promise is that we won’t make excuses. When problems arise, we will do everything possible to right the wrong, and hopefully turn a displeased customer into a sincerely happy customer. Thanks, Pam, for giving us a second chance.