Just as the eyes are the “windows to the soul”, your windows are the eyes of your home. To a Northern Virginia homeowner, windows offer a glimpse of the world beyond one's fences. In feng shui, windows can relate to a person's ability to perceive a little more clearly in life. FengshuiDana.com offers a few more of these window insights:

In some traditional schools of feng shui, the “best” windows are considered to be windows that swing open to the outside; they are thought to maximize the flow of chi or life force into your home. It's rare to see windows that swing inward in homes, and, most frequently, we see windows that slide upward. Neither are traditionally considered as auspicious as outward swinging windows. This isn’t necessarily a fact these days as highly engineered upward sliding windows can be perfectly excellent, and it's a rare and strange event to see windows open inward. If they do open inward, just make sure they are unobstructed and can fully open.

Regardless of how your windows open, the more important point is that they work. If they don't operate as efficiently as they should, have your windows fixed by a

Northern Virginia window repair specialist

immediately. If they're dirty, clean them. In feng shui, keeping the windows in your home clean is fundamental.

Choosing the right blinds and curtains that go well with your window type not only resolves the intense glare or issue of privacy in your home, but is also good feng shui practice. Your window treatment should ensure that all the elements add to the harmony in the room, rather than take away from it, so go with what feels and looks right, decor-wise.

For the bedroom, the most important material to consider for your window treatment is the fabric for your curtains. However, make sure to use only natural fabric because they contribute to healthy, good energy. Plus, their natural movement add a certain softness to the mood in the room.

With the right windows and window treatments, you enhance the level of fresh “chi”, or life force, that flow into your house. So make sure your windows function well and are perfectly clean. Feel how they can elevate and open needed perspectives in your life. For

quality replacement windows in Northern Virginia

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