Do you love the unique look of a Northern Virginia slate roof, but don’t think you can afford the cost for your own home? Roofing & More is proud to offer TruSlate™ genuine slate roofing from GAF, an affordable alternative to traditional slate. With so many old and historic properties in the area, we feel this is a much better option for homeowners than synthetic slate produced from plastic or vinyl. Cracking and fading are concerns with these products, but TruSlate will not crack or fade.

The reason GAF can offer a genuine slate roof for such an affordable cost is due to a high-tech waterproofing material. On an old-fashioned slate roof, more than half of each slate is never seen, because it’s tucked under the piece above it and fastened with hooked nails. With the TruSlate system, there is no overlap. Instead, the wasted slate is replaced with a patented UV blocker, leaving no fastener holes to cover. This clever design allows the TruSlate™ system to be installed on nearly any roof.

GAF also recently announced new color additions to the TruSlate lineup. Available colors in the Americana Collection include Meadow Green, Charcoal, Autumn Dusk, Antique Purple and Rustic Red. The International Collection colors are Greystone, Mystic Grey and Onyx Black. Colors can be used alone or mixed together for a unique design.

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