Crisp mornings and bright colors mark the beginning of fall in Northern Virginia, but just around the corner will be cold winds and harsher weather. We at Roofing & More want to help you get ready for the approaching winter season with the following home maintenance tips covering roof, gutter, attic and window repair in Alexandria, VA.

  1. Inspect your roof and gutters. Before the weather turns cold, take the time to clear leaves, twigs and grime out of your gutters. Examine gutters for sagging, holes and other damage. Note loose shingles, and look for damaged flashing around your chimney, skylights and vents. Call Roofing & More immediately if you find problem areas.
  2. Check windows and doors for drafts. A lot of heated air inside your home is lost through gaps around windows and doors. Inspect the condition of caulking and seals around the frames. An easy way to do this is by shining a light around the edge of the window or door. If light can be seen from the other side, you’ll know where to start with repairs.
  3. Consider storm windows and doors. Storm windows and doors not only protect your home from the elements, they also increase energy efficiency by insulating your home in the winter (and summer) months.
  4. Insulate the attic. If you have an older home, your attic may be underinsulated, allowing great amounts of heat to be lost through ceilings and walls. Adding the recommended attic insulation value can dramatically cut winter heating costs.
For assistance with winterizing your home, or for any other home improvement need, contact Roofing & More today at (877) 398-4555. We’ve built our name and reputation on quality workmanship, honesty and trust.