For most homeowners, it can be hard to decide whether their roof is a do-it-yourself project, or if it’s time to call in the professionals. Here are some scenarios where it’s in your best interest to call a professional roofing company in Northern Virginia.

  1. When a severe wind, hail or thunderstorm hits our area, there is a significant chance that your roof sustained storm damage. If other homes in your neighborhood were damaged, call Roofing & More immediately for an assessment of your roof.
  2. You find a water leak. We’re experts at roof repair, and call quickly and completely repair the problem the first time.
  3. You find signs of a leak, but can’t find its source. Often water can travel a long distance from the leak site. Our professionals can conduct a thorough investigation and offer solutions.
  4. If you recently purchased a new home, you probably don’t know much about the condition of the roof. If you are unsure, schedule a professional consultation.
  5. If your roof is more than 15 years old, it may be coming to the end of its service life. Know the health of your roof and avoid expensive surprises with a professional inspection.
  6. Whether winter is ending or you are winterizing your home for the coming season, it’s smart to have a Northern Virginia roofing professional take a look once per year. Insufficient roof maintenance can lead to water damage and a number of other problems.

It may seem that calling in a professional won’t save money, but in the long run these preventative measures will prolong the life of your roof. Roof maintenance and damage prevention is always cheaper than repairing previously ignored damage or doing repairs incorrectly! For help, call Roofing & More today at (877) 398-4555

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