For most people, adding a storm door to their Alexandria, VA, home is a matter of preference. This type of door will protect your primary entry door from the elements, so if you love your old wood door and want it to last longer, a storm door can be an attractive solution. One of the other enjoyable benefits of storm doors is that they allow for controlled ventilation and light. In the winter, a storm door permits you to open the entry door and let in warm sunshine, even when the outdoor temperature is still chilly. Many models include a screen insert, so during the summer months you can open the door and let in cool breezes – minus the insects.

Storm doors may also increase energy efficiency by blocking heat loss around the main door. However, if the front of your home gets many hours of direct sunlight each day, installing a storm door may actually be counterproductive. The glass in a storm door can trap a great deal of heat between it and the primary door, causing damage. Storm doors come in three different styles: full-view, ventilating and rollscreen. The style you choose will be determined by your need for visibility, ventilation and convenience. If you are interested in this product, Roofing & More would be happy to schedule a FREE estimate on a new storm door to enhance your living experience. Call us today at (877) 398-4555!