According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), more than half of new businesses won’t survive the first five years of start-up. Why do so many roofing companies, including Alexandria roofing contractors, bite the dust so quickly? Because there are only three kinds of roofers out there, and two won't deliver the results you want.

1. The contractor who doesn’t know. This guy began working in home improvement because he’s handy with a hammer, and starting his own business only required a truck and some tools. He wants to do a good job for customers, but lacks business and management expertise. As a result, his customers and their projects get shortchanged. 2. The contractor who doesn’t care. The guy who’s only out to make a buck is the worst type of contractor to have working on your home. He’ll make big promises, but isn’t afraid to cut corners, ignore schedules and even leave a job unfinished if it suits him. He and his fellow scammers keep the folks at the Better Business Bureau in business. 3. The contractor who knows AND cares. This is the rarest type of contractor, the one homeowners enthusiastically recommend to family and friends. He not only loves what he does, he possesses the education and background that allow him to constantly improve his business. He stays current with industry developments so his customers always get the best products and services available. He’s able to hire and train competent workers, and keep them motivated to do their best work for each customer. In the event there’s a problem with your project, he’ll be there the next day with a solution.

Choosing the third type of contractor is crucial to enjoy an outstanding home improvement experience. Roofing & More, led by owner Kyle Hoffman, is proud to be the kind of business that knows AND cares! For nearly two decades, we’ve been Northern Virginia’s first choice for quality home improvement services. Find out for yourself. Call us at (877) 398-4555 to schedule a FREE in-home consultation and estimate!