When you live in a cold weather region such as New England, Roofing & More advises you to take every opportunity to make your home more efficient and keep heating and cooling costs under control. Insulated vinyl siding is a smart way to do this: it’s low-maintenance, durable and offers countless style options, with the added benefit of insulative properties. The increased cost of insulated vinyl, typically 25-30% more than conventional vinyl siding in Alexandria, can be offset by decreased energy costs.

Benefits include:

• Efficiency.

Insulated vinyl siding cuts down on heat transfer, consequently reducing your household’s energy consumption and therefore your utility bills year-round.

• Increased R-value.

By wrapping the entire home exterior in insulation, insulated vinyl can increase the R-value (resistance to heat flow) of your house by up to 25%.

• Noise reduction.

Insulated vinyl cuts down significantly on outside noise.

• Wind resistance.

Insulted vinyl siding often features an interlocking panel system that allows it to withstand high wind speeds of 150+ mph.

• Ease of installation.

Because insulated vinyl is thicker and more rigid, it’s also easier to cut and fit, making installation easier.

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