Take time just once or twice per year to inspect, clean and repair the gutters and downspouts on your home, and chances are you’ll never be troubled by gutter-related issues that can cause Northern Virginia roof deterioration, exterior damage and even flooding in the basement. Here are some common gutter problems that should be addressed to protect the structural integrity of your home. 1. Clogs. Leaves, twigs, dirt, shingle granules and other debris can combine to create a nasty sludge in your gutters that prevents the free flow of rain and snow runoff. Over time this mixture weighs down gutters, pulling them away from fascia board and contributing to exterior water damage. 2. Improper pitching. Improper pitching encourages water to pool in gutters rather than flowing safely away from your home. Gutters should slope approximately one inch for every 20 feet. Gutters longer than 35 feet should have downspouts at each end, with pitching that extends from the center to each downspout. 3. Leaky joints. If gutter joints become loose or rusty, they should be repaired or replaced to prevent staining and rot in the fascia and other parts of the roof structure. 4. Warping or bending. As hangers and hardware age, gutters may pull away from the house or become damaged or bent. This requires repair or replacement of the affected sections.

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