Following Superstorm Sandy, you may have recently made the unsettling discovery of a leak or two in your Northern Virginia roofing system. You may also be wondering whether to call a roofing contractor for an inspection, or attempt repairs yourself. Keep this in mind: without roofing knowledge, fixing a leaky roof yourself is usually only a temporary solution. Sooner or later, you will need to call a roofing professional to permanently fix the leak. The expertise of a professional is especially important in these situations.

• A roof with a large area of missing shingles requires the attention of a professional roofing contractor. He can help you determine if shingles can be effectively replaced, or if a brand new roof is the best option.

• If you have a leak, but cannot find its source or do not see any damage to the shingles or flashing of the roof, call a roofing company. If you cannot find damage, there may be underlying issues with flashing or aging shingles.

• Call a roof repair company if you do not feel safe on a roof and/or do not want to attempt fixing a roof leak. Procrastinating repairs can only worsen the problem.

Get peace of mind today. Call Roofing & More at (877) 398-4555 to schedule a professional, multi-point evaluation of your roof’s condition. It’s better to catch a problem and correct it while it’s small, rather than waiting until it blooms into a big, expensive headache!