Would you like to save money on monthly utility bills, make your home more secure and be able to enjoy cool evenings while indoors? Roofing & More has the answer you’re looking for: invest in a quality storm door! Here are four ways storm door installation can protect your home and save you money. 1. Savings. No one likes large utility bills and it’s not always easy to make your home more energy-efficient, but storm doors are one way to do so. Storm doors function like this: the storm door is placed in front of your main door so it creates a buffer zone between the outside elements and the entrance to your home. The storm door blocks wind and precipitation from blowing directly onto the front door and also acts as a secondary barrier if your front door is a bit drafty. Because more hot or cool air remains inside, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard and you save money. 2. Front door protection. A storm door is the door that takes the beating during a storm, hence its name. Your entry door is protected from all the elements, which adds years to its lifespan. This also means less money spent on touch-up painting and other maintenance. 3. Better ventilation. On those cool spring and summer evenings, open your front door and allow the breeze to flow in through your storm door screen naturally. This circulates cool air throughout your home without letting bugs in or pets out. 4. Extra security. Storm doors serve as an additional security measure to keep your home and family safer. An extra lock and an extra door are a deterrent for any thief.

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