We have found that many customers who call us for a quote on roof replacement are pleasantly surprised when we tell them a roof repair in Northern Virginia will be just as effective, at a much lower cost. And sometimes, when a roof has reached the end of its service life or is badly damaged, replacement really is the best option. But how do you know whether to repair or replace?

Scope usually determines whether a roof can be repaired. Small leaks in an otherwise sound roof will typically permit repair, while widespread rot won’t. Minor damage such as missing shingles, torn flashing and leaky gutters are an easy fix when detected early, so be sure to inspect your roof and report promptly if you notice leakage following a storm. Remember to check the condition of your roof twice per year, in the spring and the fall, to assess whether repairs may be needed. Don’t put off repairs; handling the small stuff now will help you avoid big-ticket expenses later.

Failure of a roofing system can be caused by a number of factors, such as the age of shingles and/or decking materials, weather damage, improper installation, defective materials, or failure to adequately maintain the roof. Some questions to ask to determine if replacement is right for you:1. Is the roof system more than 20 years old, the average life expectancy of a roof?2. How many areas in your roof system leak? Has your decking become rotted from long-term leakage?3. Are shingles excessively curled or buckled?4. Does your roof already have two or more shingle layers?5. What is your financial situation? Will homeowners insurance cover replacement? If repairs are not an option, Roofing & More offers convenient financing.

Making a decision between repair or replacement on your own can be difficult. Contact Roofing & More at (877) 398-4555 for trustworthy advice and to schedule a FREE in-home consultation and estimate. We’ll identify existing or potential problems and offer solutions to keep your home protected for many years to come.