So you’re looking for a quality contractor to perform roof repairs or replacement. Like a responsible homeowner, you exercise due diligence by first heading over to the Better Business Bureau website. You notice that just about every contractor in your area has a decent rating … so does this mean that all the contractors listed will give you the quality workmanship and outstanding customer service you deserve? Definitely not.

The sad truth is many contractors do not adhere to the values and standards upheld by the Better Business Bureau and similar consumer advocacy groups.

Some roofing companies may not provide you with accurate information about their history and past customers. Some won’t be honest because, obviously, they want to make money replacing your roof, while others are simply uneducated about proper business practices.

The problem lies in what these mediocre companies don’t tell you:

1. They subcontract their work and really know nothing about the people who are working on your home.2. Following OSHA regulations and ensuring the safety of the people working on your home isn’t important to them, so they don’t mention it.3. They may not have the proper licensing and/or insurance to truly protect you if and when an accident occurs.4. If you read the fine print, the warranties are not what they seem to be. What is explained verbally and what is legally binding don’t match up.

It’s not that these guys tell you things that aren’t true, it’s that they don’t tell you what is true! Don’t let your background research of any roofing company stop with the BBB. Dig deeper, talk to former clients, read the fine print. It might just spare you a nightmare.

Roofing & More, the premier Northern Virginia roofing and home improvement company, has been providing customers with quality exterior services for nearly two decades. We don’t need ratings (though we have earned an A+ rating from the BBB!). We’ve built our name and reputation on quality work, honesty and trust. Just ask our customers! For dependable service you can trust, call us at (877) 398-4555.