Given the unpredictable weather endured by northern Virginia homes, vinyl siding is a smart choice for most homeowners. With the ability to withstand high winds and excellent resistance to heat, cold and moisture, vinyl certainly ages gracefully. Its clean lines bring a big lift to the exterior of older homes in particular, and a quality product can add considerable value at resale. Consider these advantages of installing quality vinyl siding in Alexandria, VA: • Minimal maintenance. Vinyl siding requires less maintenance than other cladding materials. It is mold and mildew resistant, and dirt and other residue can be easily removed with a simple household cleaner and a garden hose. Best of all, it never requires painting, scraping or sanding like wood. • Durability. Vinyl siding ranks only after brick and stone in terms of its durability and long life. New innovations in the chemistry of vinyl have made it all but indestructible, which is why many siding manufacturers now offer lifetime warranties on their products. • Affordability. Compared to wood cladding, vinyl siding costs roughly half as much per square foot. And because installation is faster, you’ll also save on labor costs.

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