In Virginia, where we get our fair share of cold temperatures and snow during the wintertime, some folks might think that winter roof replacement isn’t feasible. Not true!

Good roofing contractors, including Roofing & More, offer their services year-round in spite of the weather.

Roofing Northern Virginia homes

during the winter is no different than at any other time of the year, with a few exceptions, and often roofing contractors and their crews prefer it (since temperatures on a rooftop run about 10 degrees warmer than on the ground, a 40-degree January day is much nicer for a roofer than a 90-degree July day!).

Here are some reasons you should consider having your roof replaced this time of year:

1. Winter is hard on a bad roof, and spring rains are coming.

If you had a leaky roof before winter hit, things will probably be worse once spring arrives, leaving your roof more vulnerable to major damage. Cold weather sparks many factors that adversely affect your roof, including ice damming and curling and cracking in older shingles.

2. With fewer jobs on a contractor’s docket, you’ll get faster installation service.

Since roofing contractors aren’t as busy during the winter, you might see your new roof installed in a matter of days, instead of the weeks or even months needed when roofers are in highest demand.

3. You’ll save money by scheduling during a slow time of year.

Why not pay less for the same service? Contractors want to keep their crews busy during the winter slowdown, so you’ll likely receive a more competitive price than you would during the warmer months. And the warranties on workmanship and materials will be the same as if you had the roof installed at any other time of the year.

Don’t delay any longer! If your Northern Virginia home needs quality roofing services, doing them in winter is a perfectly viable option – and often a bargain! Call Roofing & More today at [company_number] to schedule your FREE in-home consultation and estimate.