With the recent earthquake and hurricane in the Northern Virginia area many people had visible and noticeable damage done to their homes and some people may not yet be aware of damage that was done. If you live in the Northern Virginia area then don’t put off having your home inspected by a professional.

Why not to put repairs off until later

You may be tempted to delay repairs until a later date, but here’s why that isn’t such a good idea. For example, water seeping into your home through a damaged roof may not become noticeable for up to 18 months, which is plenty of time to cause extensive damage to the structure of your home. Minor damage now can lead to a larger, more expensive problem later.

Hidden damage can result in long-term trouble

For example, a hurricane can cause untold damage to your roof or an earthquake can cause damage to your home’s foundation. These type of natural disasters can leave visible problems such as cracked shingles, roof penetrations and damaged gutters, but high winds and flying debris can also cause “bruising” of the layer under your shingles that can spread and cause leaks.

So don’t wait to get your home inspected after last week’s disasters. Call [company_name] for an on-site inspection and assessment of the damage done to your home. Our professionals will be able to spot unseen damage and potential problems that are not visible to the untrained eye.

[company_name]’s experts can identify the signs of such damage so that we can make repairs before they result in huge headaches.