Spring is a great time to upgrade or replace your home insulation and that’s why our special for May and June is free installation when you purchase your home insulation with us. Guard your home for the coming Northern Virginian summer heat by replacing your old attic insulation.

New insulation will reduce your monthly utility bill and improve your daily comfort. Don’t waste energy or money by having to run your cooler more often than necessary. Here are a few reasons for replacing your old insulation and making sure you get the most out of your insulation:

  • Loose-fill insulation generally gives better coverage than batt insulation and it is usually less expensive.
  • Air sealing your attic will help you use less energy and save you money.
  • If you have a chimney use a high-temperature caulk or furnace cement to seal around your chimney.
  • Seal around your duct exhaust fans that go to the outside.
  • Seal the top of any interior walls you have using long-life caulk.
  • Make sure your attic vents are not blocked with insulation or your attic will not be ventilated.
  • If your home is 20 years old or older it is probably time to replace your insulation.

Contact [company_name]. today and get a free estimate on insulation for your home. At [company_name]., we do so much more than just roofing and we are here to serve!