As innovative roofing methods emerge, solar roofing proves itself to be a leading choice for value and efficiency. Installing a solar roof provides endless benefits—from helping you to helping the earth. While traditional solar panels are a great start, you can take efficiency a step further with a shingle solar roof installation.

1. Add Energy-Efficiency to Your Home

One of the best ways to invest in your home is with a state-of-the-art solar roofing system. A solar roof converts power from the sun into usable energy. Not only can this help you save on your monthly heating and cooling bills, but power can be stored for future use. Switching to clean energy is a great way to add energy efficiency and value to your home.

2. Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Traditional solar panels are attached as an addition to your roofing system, making them a quick and easy way to gain power. However, solar shingle roofs take roofing a step further. Integrated solar shingles become part of your roofing system, making them a better choice for long-term performance. In addition to adding value to your house, solar shingles will blend in seamlessly, avoiding any visual distractions to your curb appeal.

3. Choose a Cost-Effective Roofing Addition

While any investment will cost more upfront, the end result is worth it. Solar shingles look similar to your existing asphalt roofing system, helping them blend in as they work. As your new solar roof converts power, you can save on your monthly energy costs. This turns into a system that pays for itself. Not only can this save you money, but solar roofing helps many homeowners boost the resale value of their property.

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