At Roofing & More, Inc., one of the best ways we have always been able to provide “more” to our customers is by taking a holistic approach to roofing. We ask ourselves, “What really goes into a roof, and how can we improve each piece of the process?” As a customer, you may be wondering as well — especially if you are in the market to replace your own roof. To get the most out of your experience, there are five main factors you should be considering:

  • Common problems within the industry. Knowing what to watch out for can be the easiest way to avoid a bad installation or lackluster customer service. Read online reviews and pour through the contractor’s website to find these common issues: improper installation leading to a voided warranty, lack of proper insurance, bad communication and not cleaning up after the job is finished are just a few common industry problems that occur.
  • Products. What range of quality does the company offer for its roofing products? What are the manufacturers that they carry? At Roofing & More, we choose our partners carefully to benefit our customers, no matter the price range. But even the best products in the world installed poorly aren’t worth anything. That leads us to the main factor …
  • People. Possibly the most important aspect is the people. Your first conversation on the phone with an employee can be a great indication of how the rest of your installation experience will go. For a great roof, you’ll want to hire great people who have your best interest in mind. Ask about the company’s Core Values and how they handle issues that could arise throughout the process.
  • Process. Just as important as the products, the process can make or break your new roof. How quickly did you receive a quote and what is the lead time? Were you informed of the time that employees would be showing up for installation? Is there a way to contact the company after the job is complete if anything were to go wrong? The right company should be able to talk through and explain all company processes.
  • Price. Of course, the biggest concern for many homeowners is how much the project will cost, and many people are misled by automated quotes and are surprised and disappointed when they have been underquoted. Pricing isn’t apples to apples for a new roof, so gather a few quotes from reputable contractors to find an option that works for you.

Work With the Best

We aim to provide our customers with the best across the above considerations: attention to detail, best-in-class manufacturers, knowledgeable employees, a variety of processes and procedures, and fair pricing. To schedule a free consultation for any service, call (571) 410-0274 or contact us online to schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate.