Years ago, I took a friend who worked for corporate America bass fishing. Of course, as it often does, the conversation turned to business. He had some questions about Roofing & More and the way I’ve chosen to lead the company, and eventually came to the conclusion that Roofing & More is a small business that is operating using big business practices.

Thinking Big

It has taken some time to get to this point, but the bigger-picture practices we have put in place have helped us run the “professional way”. Even though we are not a large corporation, we can still think big.

For us, this means having processes and procedures in place to create an overall system that works well for employees, clients and our strategic partners. For example, Roofing & More employees have a detailed process to ensure they gather all the necessary information from customers, give important information back to them and complete the project without any hiccups or miscommunication. That’s the professional way.

However, as a small business, the “professional way” also means not getting so caught up in procedures that you forget the human element. As a business grows and changes, it’s important to remember how the customers feel during your processes. If you’re researching automated phone systems to maximize labor, are you considering what a potential customer might be thinking on the other end of the line? A phone system may help automate your quote process but the human connection behind answering the phone quickly and saying, “Roofing & More, how can we make you smile today?” is what makes a difference to the people who help your business grow.

Get Your Project Done ‘The Professional Way’

In the end, the “professional way” is a practice that must be effective, efficient and sustainable, but also must help us serve our customers and employees as best we can. If we can find that balance, we are doing things right. Roofing & More would be honored to provide you with quality home improvement services. Call us at (703) 467-0206 or submit our online form to schedule a FREE, no obligation in-home consultation and estimate.