With another round of COVID affecting our lives, it’s important now more than ever to plan and live our lives to the fullest, despite what is happening around us. I’ve been thinking more and more about my goals for 2022. When I look ahead to next year, I’m looking not only at my business goals but also my strategy to get there, and the work-life balance I must maintain while working hard to achieve those goals.

Achieving Business Goals

As the year gets off to a start, most business owners have already reviewed the numbers from the past year, and made goals based on revenue, growth and more. These business goals are often the first thing that comes to mind when planning for the new year but how do we achieve them?

The steps that help us reach our goals are our strategic objectives. Each year, we must evaluate and set these as well. At Roofing & More, this is what we call our “plan within the plan”. For example, if your goal is to grow your business by 20% in the new year, what are the measurable steps that will take you there? Can you increase your leads by a certain amount each month to help you reach that goal? What are your methods to get those extra leads? Setting goals is never as simple as it seems but taking these extra steps has helped me grow Roofing & More into the company it is today.

A Larger Goal

Lastly, I have an overarching goal of making sure myself and my employees are happy and have a good work-life balance. In the past, while trying to grow my business, I spent a 20-year period living to work. Now, I work so that I can live, spending time at home with my family and doing things I love. I want my employees to have the same experience for a better quality of life. Big goals can be great and though we can likely achieve them, we must ask ourselves if it is serving us to try and meet larger-than-life goals. Is my team still happy to come in every day, and are they returning home at the end of each day talking about how they love their work? In the end, making sure Roofing & More is a great company internally is still my largest goal.