I spoke with a friend recently who was having a difficulttime finding a roofing contractorwilling to come make a repair on his roof. The contractor only wanted to dofull replacements at this time – no repairs. With today’s housing market anddemand for residential contractors, it makes sense that many roofers arepicking up higher-value roof replacement jobs and avoiding projects that areonly repairs.

The Downsides of Roof Repairs

Roof repairsare one of the most complex and difficult parts of the business, because repairjobs have the most moving parts. Often products that already exist on the roofhave been discontinued and are difficult to find. The color may also be hard tomatch, and the profile. Your employees may be driving quite a distance for asmaller ticket item as well. It is certainly easier to tell the customer “Wedon’t do that” or that they need a full replacement, even though their roof mayonly be 10 years old.

Despite these challenges, we continue to schedule repairsfor our customers. At Roofing & More, we see value in doing the hard stuff –not only for the benefit of our business, but for the benefit of our customersas well.

What’s Best for the Customer

One of my priorities as a business owner is to treat ourcustomers as I would treat my own family. I never want to see our customerstricked into a full roof replacement when they might not need it, spending amuch larger amount of money than the actual issue would have cost to repair. Ifwe can help them take care of their home without unnecessary upselling, we staytrue to our company vision and mission.

Of course, helping the customer also helps us buildrelationships and repeat business. They now have found a trusted contractor whodoesn’t sell them something they don’t need. When the time does come for a roofreplacement, we can be there for them again.

This is why we do roof repairs: it may not be the easiest, but it lets us do thebest thing for our customers. Do you need a roof repair? Give Roofing & More,Inc. a call today at (571) 410-0274 or contact us online. Wewould be happy to serve you.