When a new product is introduced to the market with bigpromises, I am always initially skeptical. Typically before we choose


productsto put on our customers’ homes, there is a one- to three-year period where wewait for the product to be “proven” in the market. How do the companies makingthe products, and the products themselves, stand up over time? Often, newerproducts don’t end up being what the manufacturers and contractors initiallythought they were, and the companies run into issues.

The Pros of Synthetic Roofing

When synthetic roofing was first introduced, many of those issues wereexperienced. We never want our customers to deal with failing materials orthose that don’t live up to the promise, which is why we are careful aboutwhich manufacturers we choose to partner with. Thankfully, we discovered amanufacturer that offered a synthetic roofing which held up to our standardsand helps us offer “more” to our customers: EcoStar.

EcoStar offers two different types of synthetic roofing thatwe use on our customers’ homes: slate and cedar shake. Both slate and cedarshake are popular types of roofing, but don’t always work for every type ofhome because of the home’s structure or the climate of its location.

Slate roofing, for example, is heavy and sometimes requiresa restructuring of the home to support the weight. Cedar shake is beautiful butif the climate is too humid or moist, it can rot and weather quickly. Syntheticroofing offers the same looks as these two top choices, but with morelongevity. It doesn’t attract bugs or other critters, is lighter weight anddoesn’t rot. The life expectancy of typical cedar shake is between 15-25 yearsin certain climates, and synthetic roofing is double that, for a very similarcost.

Get MORE With Roofing & More

By creating a product that holds up against the test oftime, EcoStar has helped us offer “more” to our customers in the form of alonger-lasting product for those who may not be able to use a classic slate orcedar shake roofingon their home. We stand by their products and, because of our vetting process,we know that EcoStar synthetic roofing is more than good marketing. Interested ina free estimate? Call us at (571) 410-0274 or complete our convenient onlinequote request form for a free in-home consultation and estimate.