If your current front door doesn’t seem to be doing anything for your home’s exterior, consider adding sidelights when you get new ones for your home. In today’s post, entry door and

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Roofing and More, Inc. shares how your home can benefit from sidelights.

What Are Sidelights?

Sidelights are fixed narrow windows that are installed on one or both sides of an entry door. The glass can span the partial or full height of the door frame, depending on the design. Similar to standalone windows, sidelights require frames. When adding sidelights to a replacement entry door, you should consider whether you have to widen the doorway or reduce the width of the new door sashes. Sidelights can be made from the same style, material and finish as the main door for a seamless look.

Benefits of Sidelights

The most immediate benefit of sidelights is the natural lighting that it will let into your home, which can dramatically change how your entryway will look if its only source of lighting is of the electrical variety. It can also let you know if someone is at the door even before they knock or rings your bell.

If you want to keep your privacy and your entryway invisible from the curb, there are several options offered by your local entry door and roofing contractor that can obscure the view. You can choose from frosted, textured or stained glass—among other options—and have them match the door sash design.

Energy Efficiency

We are often asked how sidelights will affect the house’s energy efficiency, and ultimately, the answer boils down to what kind of glass will be used for the sidelights. Traditional single-pane glass allows heat to pass through because of its natural conductivity, which can result in heat loss during cold days and cause an increase in your heating bills. The inverse can happen during hot days when single-pane glass lets heat pass through. Insulated glass—which utilizes double-pane glass to create an insulated layer—can help improve the energy efficiency of your sidelights.

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