Windows are an integral part of home design. Not only do they play a vital role in enhancing the architectural appeal of your living space, they also influence how well your structure can protect your family and belongings from the elements, such as hail, heavy downpours and high winds. It is important to keep your windows in optimal condition to avoid persistent issues like mold and leaks. In this blog, our roofing experts share three reasons to install new windows in your home.


1. The windows don’t keep out the weather.


Moisture is the #1 culprit behind several window issues. It can lead to rot and mold. If your windows are no longer providing a waterproof barrier between the indoors and outdoors, then you definitely need to consider replacement. Make sure to call an expert contractor since one possible reason for this situation is poor installation.


2. The windows are drafty.


Old and drafty windows allow unconditioned air into your living spaces and influence the indoor temperature. During the winter months, drafty windows can make your home feel very uncomfortable, even with the heat on. This also leads to increased utility bills. We suggest replacing your drafty windows with double-pane windows with a Low-E coating to improve energy efficiency.


3. The windows require too much maintenance.


Replacement may be needed if your windows require frequent repairs in order to function properly. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now purchase new window units with few care requirements. Don't spend another day dealing with broken locks or damaged frames; call our window installers today.


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