Many of us have a little extra time at home right now, so why not learn more about the roof over your head, and all of the other parts that bring your house together?


are a big topic this time of year, especially with the increase of rain, pollen and new growth on trees. This month and next month, we will review all things gutters – materials, the parts that create your gutter system and how to keep your gutters and downspouts working efficiently so you can keep your home in great shape. 

Common Gutter Materials

Today, most gutters are made from aluminum or sometimes copper. If your home and gutter system are older, it may even be made from plastic. The part of your gutter system that catches debris isn’t the most important piece though. Your gutters work alongside the downspouts, outlets and fastening system to drain and disperse water away from your roof and foundation, as well as stay connected to your home without pulling away and creating damage.

Though you may not need to choose from many options in terms of material, there are a few variations when it comes to sizing. This doesn’t matter as much if you live in an area that doesn’t get a lot of rain in the spring, but Virginia, especially in the spring, can get inches of precipitation. If your downspout and outlet are smaller in size, they won’t let as much water flow through.

If your gutters are also full of debris, they can become heavy with water and begin to pull on the fasteners and move away from your home. Here, the fastening system can also come into play. A spike-and-ferrule system is common because of its price point but is prone to coming loose with expansion and contraction from temperature changes. Others, like the screw-in pin hanger system, allow for expansion and contraction, extending the life of your system and offering superior protection for your home.

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