Like your windows, your entry door is a highly visible design element that adds to your home’s curb appeal. That’s why you should consider a replacement if your existing door is failing. Today, fiberglass entry doors are fast gaining traction thanks to a host of benefits. Roofing & More, Inc., your premier exterior remodeling company in  Northern Virginia, discusses some of them here. 

  • Extremely durable. Keep your home safer from weather damage when you choose fiberglass entry doors. Unlike wood units, they don’t expand or contract when exposed to fluctuating weather and temperatures, and they're impervious to rot. They can also resist rust, dents and scratches that are common with steel doors.

  • Versatile. Fiberglass entry doors are available in a wide selection of colors, sizes, styles and finishes. With many opportunities for customization, it’s much easier to match your new unit to your home’s existing architectural style and color palette.

  • Improved energy efficiency. Aside from increasing your home’s curb appeal, fiberglass entry doors can also lower energy costs. They have a higher R-value compared to wood doors, better protecting against air infiltration and energy loss. Just make sure to work with a reliable door contractor like Roofing & More, that can precisely measure your new unit and ensure it fits perfectly in the door opening.

  • Low-maintenance performance. Because fiberglass entry doors are so durable, they don’t require as much upkeep. To keep them looking great, you just need to clean or inspect them occasionally. Fiberglass entry doors are pricier than other door options, but their exceptional benefits more than make up for the initial cost

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