Window replacement may be a straightforward project, but it will still involve some careful decision-making. One of the essential factors you should consider is window style. Roofing & More, Inc., a trusted expert in window replacement, discusses some of the window styles you might take a liking to. 


This is the most widely used window style in homes across the country—and with good reason. Double-hung windows are recognizable by their top and bottom sashes, which are both operable. The versatile design of these windows makes them a great option for almost any home style including Colonial, Craftsman and ranch. Plus, you can open both top and bottom sashes at the same time for superior natural ventilation.


These windows are hinged at the side so you can swing them outward. Casement windows can also be angled to direct fresh air into your home. Because they come with easy-to-operate crank handles, these windows are an excellent choice if you’re incorporating aging-in-place features into your home. Roofing & More, a premier window replacement expert, recommends you choose casements if you own a home in a traditional style.


If you want to get the most out of a stunning outdoor view, frame it with a picture window. Picture windows come with sleek frames and expansive glass to allow you to maximize your viewing area while enjoying large amounts of natural light. Like casement windows, picture windows are known for being energy-efficient because they are non-operable and prevent significant energy loss. Picture windows look best in Contemporary and Modern homes.


If you want to create an incredible focal point in your home, utilize specialty windows installed by Roofing & More. We offer a high-quality selection of specialty windows we can custom-design to suit your particular needs.

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