Commercial buildings are commonly designed with a flat roofing system. Aside from its low-cost installation, a flat roof is easier to maintain than a pitched roof. Today, Roofing & More, Inc. shares important points to remember about maintaining a flat roof.

Do Hire a Professional Roofer for Periodic Maintenance

Commercial flat roofs still need a considerable amount of attention from a certified professional roofer who can perform periodic maintenance and attend to other roofing concerns, like cleaning gutters. A pro will keep your roof in tiptop shape for a longer span of time, preventing more costly repair expenses.

Do Keep It Clean

Accumulation of leaves, twigs and debris from surrounding trees is bad news for a flat roof. Debris prevents moisture evaporation, triggers the growth of mold and mildew and leads to roof deterioration.

Do Ensure Proper Drainage

Pooling water on a flat roof isn’t a good sign. It means your roof may need leveling for the water to drain freely. Ensure a proper drainage system is in place to keep your roof and siding trouble-free for a long time.

Don’t Overload the Roof

Watch out for excessive weight and undue stress on your flat roof. Snow buildup and heavy equipment may cause roof collapse, especially if the flat roof was not installed properly.

Don’t Dismiss Small Leaks & Damage

Watch out for rust, loose seams, pooling water and blisters. Be diligent about making adequate repairs to stop much bigger problems later on.

Don’t Forget Good Ventilation

Good ventilation means allowing air to dry the roof area to avoid moisture buildup that weakens the integrity of the roof. Consider having a pop-up vent and ventilator on the opposite ends of a flat roof.

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