There are plenty of sound reasons to be afraid of hiring a roofing company and letting contractors into your home: something could go wrong during repairs or renovations, you could be tricked by hidden costs and fees, or have to deal with no-shows and late arrivals while you interrupt your own busy schedule. So many homeowners have horror stories about jobs gone wrong that it can seem easier to hire the family friend or neighbor’s friend with a power saw, or DIY the project.

Unfortunately, those choices often result in projects taking longer and costing more than they should. Too often we are called in to finish a project started by the family friend or cheaper handyman, who is now no longer returning calls and stopped showing up on the job site. That doesn’t mean there aren’t good people doing home improvement projects – it simply means your odds of having the job done right improve significantly when you start the process with professionals, whose livelihood and reputation are at stake with their company.

Spend Your Fall Having Fun

At Roofing & More, the initial quote and appointment scheduling can take a little time, but that initial investment of time pays off big dividends in the end results. Our process is designed to get to know you and your home and find the best products and solution for your repair or build, as it would be with any good roofing contractor. Because of the time we spend up front, our crews arrive at your home already equipped with the right skills, knowledge and tools, and therefore complete the job without wasting time. Or even worse, having to return to make repairs in the future because the job didn’t hold up over time.

Our detailed appointment and estimating process also eliminates hidden fees or unwanted cost overruns and change orders. I can tell you from experience that DIY projects often cost more than they should because most homeowners don’t anticipate all the little things that go into a project, or consider their time spent running back and forth to the hardware or building supply store. How do I know? Because we often get the call when the job is partially complete, or to come back two years later and correct an install mistake.

Roofing & More Is Ready to Handle Your Project

It’s no fun spending your time chasing down the cheaper “guy with a truck” or spending your limited family time trying to install windows, siding, gutters or roofing yourself – that’s a horror story you don’t want, no matter the season! There are many reasons to hire a professional, and it doesn’t have to be scary. Take your time when researching, talk to several companies, ask lots of questions and you’ll likely feel good about your decision to sit back and relax and let the pros handle the challenge.

You can count on Roofing & More for prompt, professional service in Fairfax, Alexandria, Herndon and many other Northern Virginia communities. Call us at (855) 400-9644 or complete our convenient online form to schedule a free service assessment and estimate.