Do your utility bills keep increasing despite the fact that you have insulation in your attic? There are a lot of misconceptions about attic insulation, but Roofing & More is here to set the record straight.

Keep in mind that most of the misconceptions stem from overgeneralizations. There are different types of insulation and each comes with its own pros and cons. Roofing & More, Inc., a top Northern Virginia roof repair company, debunks some of the common misconceptions about insulation.

Older Homes Already Have Enough Insulation

Has your home been around for a while? Often, homeowners mistakenly assume they only need to install insulation in newly constructed homes, but many older homes have insufficient insulation that does not meet local code requirements. Have a professional check if your attic has enough insulation, since a quarter of the heat in your home can be lost through your roofing system.

You Can Never Have Too Much Insulation in Your Attic

However, it's possible to put too much insulation in your attic. Too much insulation can interfere with the attic’s ventilation needs and trap moisture inside. If the moisture levels are high enough, mold may form and rot can eat away wood and other organic materials.

Insulation Won't Damage Your Roof

Regardless of the type of insulation, your roof can be damaged if it is installed improperly. Be careful with spray foam insulation; this type of insulation can cause considerable damage if it sticks to the roof’s structure.

Insulation Doesn’t Need to Be Replaced

Just because insulation is designed for long-term use doesn’t mean it will last forever. Pests, mold and fire can damage your home’s insulation and lower its ability to retain heat. When that happens, you need to replace it.

If you’re looking for a roofing contractor to install new insulation in your home, hire the experienced and reputable experts at Roofing & More, Inc. We’ve been in the roofing industry for more than 25 years and offer comprehensive roof replacement services. To get a free estimate, you can call (703) 828-1620. We serve homeowners in Northern Virginia, including Fairfax, Alexandria and McLean.