Buying a new roof is a major decision, as is choosing the right roof material and color. A new roof is something that will crown your home for many years. You want it to look great for as long as possible, but you can't easily replace a roof if you tire of the color or style.

To make sure your replacement roofing system remains timeless, consider these expert tips from Roofing & More.

  1. Know the Rules

When it comes to roof colors, some may not be allowed by your homeowners' association in order to maintain the common theme or historical value of the area. Touch base with an HOA representative to find out if there are any roof restrictions in place.

If there are no restrictions, it helps to consider the roof designs of nearby houses. While it’s important to make your home stand out, a roof that completely deviates from others in the neighborhood could impact your home's value over the long term. If you decide to move, you might find it harder to attract buyers if your property doesn’t mesh with the rest of the block.

  1. Honor Tradition

Your home’s architecture is an important consideration when tackling roof replacement. Traditional and modern styles don’t necessarily complement all roofing materials, and a mismatch can decrease your property’s curb appeal. Although it’s fun to go against the norm, doing it should be a deliberate, well-thought-out plan and not an impulsive decision.

  1. Pick a Neutral Color

Roofs that stand the test of time are usually neutral-colored. Bold hues only blend in with certain architectural elements. On the other hand, shades of brown and gray can fit in with practically any exterior changes. A neutral-colored roof is forgiving and never goes out of style.

  1. Invest in High-Quality Components

From a structural standpoint, don’t skimp on the quality of roofing materials. Put your money on durable products that can age gracefully with your home. Quality materials will also help minimize your long-term roof repair costs.

  1. Get Superior Protection

Proper maintenance is key to roof longevity. However, it pays to get a manufacturer warranty to guarantee that your roof will be covered if it fails prematurely due to material defects. For just a little extra, protect with your new roof with the strongest warranty coverage available.

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