After a big windstorm hits an area, like the ones we have been experiencing lately, roofing contractors become very busy, very quickly. Homeowners across the city are concerned about repairing wind damage on their home before the next spring rainstorm hits, and insurance companies are concerned about getting an accurate assessment of the damages and preventing additional issues.

Contractors must scramble and work quickly to reach everyone in a timely manner, even if it means providing a temporary solution until a permanent repair can be made.

This might seem great to homeowners – they’re getting fast service and can get back into a normal routine quickly after the storm. However, during the busy season on these rushed jobs, good safety practices can often be set aside in order to complete a project and move on to the next homeowner.

Why Roofing Safety Matters

Whether it’s workers not taking the time to properly tie themselves off when working on the roof, or simply forgetting to put on safety glasses, safety measures can be easy to miss when you are sacrificing attention to the usual details for a faster pace.

Why does this matter to the homeowner? Though getting your roof repairs done quickly is something to be concerned about, it should never get in the way of keeping another person safe. A life is more valuable than a home, and safety is more important than time. In addition, a work stoppage due to an injury is the last thing anyone wants, plus this can also lead to significant delays, as well as possible lawsuits depending on the severity of the injury.

Why does this matter to the company? Contractors have all of the same concerns as the homeowner, but they are also thinking about liability. How will it affect the company when workers are off the job because of injury, or the company is facing an insurance inquiry or even lawsuit?

Our advice is to always keep safety as the top priority, and homeowners should ask about safety practices before hiring roofing contractors. Don’t be shy about asking questions if you see something you think is unsafe while the project is in progress. Give Roofing & More a call at [company_number] to schedule a free consultation.