Recent Testimonials from Winter Storm Riley

This past weekend, Winter Storm Riley slammed the East Coast with high winds and flooding, and residents of Northern Virginia weren’t spared. We have received many requests for roof repairs and other repairs to home exteriors, and are working hard to get those repairs done quickly.

‘I Highly Recommend This Company’

Here’s a Facebook review of our storm damage services from customer Kerry M.!

Roofing Reviews

“Sometimes you don’t fully know the value and integrity of a company until it’s tested. Although [company_name]., impressed us with their professionalism when we chose them to put a new roof on our house 12 years ago, it wasn’t until a random act of nature-this week’s Winter Storm Riley-produced 65 mph winds that tore off shingles on houses throughout our neighborhood that we fully appreciated the wisdom of choosing Roofing and Moore.

As luck would have it, the 12-year warranty on our roof ran out 6 weeks before the storm hit and our shingles were warrantied by the manufacturer for 60 mph winds, not the 65 mph that uncharacteristically hit this area. We were left with a 3 x 3 ft. hole in our roof. I called [company_name] on Saturday and the owner immediately located my purchase and warranty history. After considering the unusual circumstances of the weather and our recently expired warranties, the owners decided to patch the hole the very next day free of charge and were even able to provide the same color and brand shingle originally put on our roof.

It says a lot about a company when they don’t try to stick it to you when Mother Nature pays a visit. I highly recommend this company.”

‘So Pleased I Found Them’

From customer Laura on Google:

“I made the right choice when I had the experienced crew of [company_name] replace my old asphalt shingles--2 layers--with a metal roof. They were competent, friendly and really worked together as a team. They were very conscientious about clean up too; after each day's work and at the end of the project. They did a fabulous job and the roof, which, by the way, just passed the test of 70 mile-an-hour wind gusts, yesterday. Besides all that, it's beautiful!!! So pleased I found them.”

How Can We Help?

If you find yourself in need of roof repairs or other services, give Roofing & More a call at (703) 828-1620. We’re here to help, come rain or come shine!