The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season has been unusually active, and we’re only halfway through the season. The entire U.S. has seen more than its share of tough storms in recent months, followed by a barrage of shady contractors eager to make quick cash off others’ misfortunes. When storm damage occurs, Roofing & More reminds you to follow these tips to get legitimate home improvement and other repairs at a reasonable price.

  1. Evaluate a company’s reputation. Hire a reputable company to mitigate your home’s water damage and mold. Make sure the contractor is licensed and holds all required insurance in the state and the city where the work is to be performed.
  2. Look for red flags. Door-to-door solicitations from out-of-state companies, contractors who aren’t easily located, aggressive contractors who push for a contract on the spot, and asking a homeowner to pull permits are all signs of a potential scam.
  3. Get insurance information in writing. Receive an accurate report from the insurance company stating the scope of work and the amount of money to be paid for the claim. If possible, get an insurance disbursement for the claim from the insurer prior to work being done.
  4. Negotiate. Speak with the insurance company – preferably with a professional contractor at your side – if you are not happy with the amount of money you receive. Many adjusters come from different parts of the country and don’t necessarily know material and labor costs in the area.

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