One of the best things about being a business owner is when we receive referrals from our customers. When most people think of referrals, the obvious connection is they are a business tool that lets you grow your customer base and sales without costly advertising.

While this is true, for me it’s more important to view referrals as something inspiring.

Satisfaction + Trust = Referrals

Referrals mean much more to me than a potential sale or new customer. When an existing or former customer refers Roofing & More to a potential client, it means they firmly believe that our roofing company is great at what we do. It means we did such a terrific job that we stand out compared to other companies, and that they hold high trust in our employees. Getting a referral is the ultimate compliment from a customer.

Trust is a key element of referrals. I know that when a customer refers us to a friend, co-worker or family member, they extend a little of their personal trust with that referral. No one wants to refer a company to a friend, and then find out the friend had a bad experience. So to me, referrals are not just recognition of a job done well, they imply a level of trust and confidence that we will take great care of the next project, and the one after, and so on.

Referrals Are a Team Effort

My proudest moments are when we receive a referral from a customer that initially had a complaint. We pride ourselves on striving for 100 percent customer satisfaction, so when a customer is unhappy for some reason (we’re human, so mistakes sometimes happen), and we address their concern so well they turn around and refer us – well, who could ask for a better indication that we are customer-focused!

Best of all, I can’t take credit for our referrals. That belongs to our team, from the person answering the phone, to the crews doing the work, to our project managers who supervise the work and follow up with the customers. I’m proud of everything we do at Roofing & More, and want thank you for your trust in us for your project, and for your referrals.

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