If you’ve spent time around me when I’m talking about [company_name] and the roofing business in general, there’s a good chance you’ve heard me say this: “Anyone can make money. How many can make a difference?” For me, owning a business is about so much more than money. In fact, with just a few shortcuts, I could make a lot more money for me and my employees. But that’s not who I am or what I’m about.

Improving the Industry Through Knowledge

I’m committed to not only operating a business with integrity and trust – I’m also working to improve our industry, and the reputation that accompanies home improvement and construction in general.  That’s why I was so honored when one of the nation’s leading roofing material manufacturers agreed to work with me on a class I’ve developed to teach other contractors how to create, implement and adjust an actual business plan, including processes that will improve the customer and employee experience. Many may think this is a normal part of business, but in the roofing and construction industry, only a small portion of companies actually have, and use, a written business plan.

I don’t like to brag, but this is a pretty big deal for a company with our humble beginnings. We’re not a huge operation, but industry leaders see value in our approach, and in teaching our standards to others to help lift the overall industry. It’s a step that is needed, too.

‘A Rising Tide Lifts Everyone’

In the plumbing and electrical industries, there’s a path to education and improving skills and knowledge. New employees start as apprentices, and then move through levels to become a master electrician or master plumber, according to set standards. That doesn’t exist in roofing, and I believe it’s one of the reasons roofers are among the top complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

The courses I’m developing for our industry won’t solve that problem overnight, but they will shine the light on a need, and hopefully have a positive impact with roofing contractors around the country.

As I was talking about this course recently, someone asked me, “Why would you teach your competition?” The answer is simple – when a roofer goes out of business or provides bad service, homeowners get hurt, and our industry as a whole suffers. I believe a rising tide lifts everyone together, and I want to lift us all up, together.