Now that we have all basically recovered from winter storm Jonas, I have a few thoughts about the value that storms and other natural disasters have for businesses like mine. Sure, we appreciate the rise in replacement and repair business after such events (without trying to sound too callous), but the value goes far beyond that.

For us at Roofing & More, more business means more opportunities to establish trust and build relationships with new clients. If you know me, you know that this aspect of business is my highest priority. I love being able to go behind a bad storm and fix the damage that is causing stress to a homeowner at a reasonable cost. I love that my team and I can help make people’s lives a little easier with the knowledge that their home improvement specialist is trustworthy and on their side. These times also give us an opportunity to reconnect with previous customers and pick up where we left off.

We’re Up for the Challenge

Another positive of storms and natural disasters is that they offer me as a business owner a chance to measure the effectiveness of the processes I’ve put in place. Higher customer volume poses a healthy challenge to my team and when they fall short, I’m able to turn it into a training opportunity that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. This makes the Roofing & More experience better for you and others in the community.

I certainly don’t mean to suggest that your pain as a homeowner brings me any joy as a businessman. I do, however, want to emphasize the importance of making the most of the tough times and the merit of using them to better a company’s relationships with its customers. At Roofing & More, we hope that we can be a source of peace of mind when it comes to your exterior repair and replacement needs. Thank you for being a loyal client!

Need Repairs? We’re Here to Help

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