Ol’ Man Winter is paying a visit to Northern Virginia and much of the East Coast this weekend, and he could be staying a while. A monster snowstorm known as Winter Storm Jonas is expected to create blizzard conditions throughout the region and leave behind up to two feet of snow – which would be one of the biggest snowstorms ever recorded at Dulles International Airport.

Is Your Roof at Risk?

In addition to the huge amount of snow that is expected to fall, a major concern for homes and businesses in the area is the prediction that this will be very heavy, wet snow. In general, wet snow can be a serious threat to a home’s structure because it may add 30 pounds of additional weight per cubic foot. That’s a huge amount of extra weight bearing down on your roof.

If your steep slope roof with proper rafter support complies with local building codes, it should be able to stand up to any winter storm. Other roof types are at greater risk of damage or even collapse. If your roof has a low slope or is completely flat, it will be more prone to weight build-up, since melting snow won’t slide off easily. In a worst-case scenario, some flat and low-slope roofs will collapse under the weight of heavy snow.

Another concern caused by heavy snowfall is the development of ice dams and gutter back-up on a roof. Ice dams sometimes form along the edge of a roof as snow melts, and can result in serious roof leaks and water damage inside your home. Icicles can be a symptom of ice damming.

What to Do About Snow Build-Up

Don’t attempt to remove snow from your roof yourself! Leave this job to a professionalNorthern Virginia roofing team. Climbing a ladder in winter becomes even more dangerous due to snow and ice build-up.

Contact Roofing & More immediately at (703) 828-1620 if you are worried about how heavy snow is affecting your roof. We can measure just how much weight is on your roof, and we have the manpower and the tools to safely clear snow if it is threatening your roof’s structure or leading to the formation of ice dams. Our emergency response teams are available 24/7 to make quick storm damage repairs to protect and preserve your property. We’re here to help.